Challenge Details

Welcome to Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days! I am officially launching this book review blog as a way to document my reading challenge for 2016. I have recently been employed as a Youth Services Clerk at my library, and more often than not, I am asked to recommend children’s literature for parents and their children. I am an avid reader of young adult, fantasy, and dystopian novels. So often I feel as though I am unequipped to suggest books from other genres.

In order to familiarize myself with the children’s collection more I have developed my Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days Challenge! Starting January 1st, 2016 I am giving myself 80 days to read one book from each column of shelves in the Juvenile Fiction section of my library. Since there are 6 rows of Juvenile Fiction, and each row has eight columns of shelves, I intend to read through 48 books by March 20th.