Challenge Details

Hello and welcome to Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days! I currently work as a Youth Services Clerk at my local library. I love reading young adult and fantasy books, so whenever a child or parent asks me for books from a different genre I find myself using other resources (the Internet) for good recommendations. In order to combat this, and to give myself a fun reading challenge to start off 2016, I have designed my “Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days” challenge!

The rules are as follows:

Starting January 1st, 2016 my challenge begins. I have 80 days, the final day being March 20th, to read one book from each column of shelves in the children’s fiction section. There are 6 rows of children’s fiction with 8 columns each, this means I’ll have to read a total of 48 books to make my way through the alphabet.


Each column looks similar to the picture above, and ultimately which book I decide to read from the column is up to me, but I do want to branch out of my comfort zone and choose titles I would not normally glance at otherwise.

After I have finished reading a book I will post my thoughts and review the titles both here and on my goodreads.

Happy Reading!