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Challenge Update

Have you ever read so much that it drove you to a point where you didn’t feel like reading? I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with how many children’s books I still have to read, in addition to my other personal reading list. I’ve reached a total of 10 book reviews in the first month, which means this challenge is going to take me a lot longer than the initial 80 days I thought it would. So I am removing the “80 days” portion of my blog today, but never fear! I will be continuing my challenge, and updating this blog as I continue to review children’s fiction books.


Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days Challenge!

Hello and welcome to Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days! I currently work as a Youth Services Clerk at my local library. I love reading young adult and fantasy books, so whenever a child or parent asks me for books from a different genre I find myself using other resources (the Internet) for good recommendations. In order to combat this, and to give myself a fun reading challenge to start off 2016, I have designed my “Around the Children’s Section in 80 Days” challenge!

The rules are as follows:

Starting January 1st, 2016 my challenge begins. I have 80 days, the final day being March 20th, to read one book from each column of shelves in the children’s fiction section. There are 6 rows of children’s fiction with 8 columns each, this means I’ll have to read a total of 48 books to make my way through the alphabet.


Each column looks similar to the picture above, and ultimately which book I decide to read from the column is up to me, but I do want to branch out of my comfort zone and choose titles I would not normally glance at otherwise.

After I have finished reading a book I will post my thoughts and review the titles both here and on my goodreads.

Happy Reading!

(Can you guess which book pictured above I’ll be reading first? Post your guess in the comment section below!)