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Lunch Lady Review

COM - Lunch Lady Cover

Our next column of shelves features most of our graphic novel collection, so for today I selected Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians. Because anything featuring evil librarians has to be awesome!

The Lunch Lady series by Jarrett Krosoczka is a unique comic series that is black, white, and oddly enough, yellow! Our hero seems to be an ordinary school lunch lady, but is actually the hero, Lunch Lady! Lunch Lady serves up justice against those who would cause crime, including the school librarians who are bent on world domination! Starting by… Destroying video games? (Because video games rot your mind and stuff.)

While I enjoying picking on the librarian stereotype as much as the next person, some of the jokes/details I loved in this book while others fell totally flat for me. Maybe it’s because I started with the second installment of this series instead of the first, but I did not understand what purpose the main characters, aside from our Lunch Lady, served. Regardless, Lunch Lady will save the day and win the hearts of children from grades 2-3 in a pinch.


NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society Review


When I saw this series on the shelf I couldn’t help but pick it up, because it has the word NERD in large bold text right on the cover. And I am, after all, a nerd. I was also a fan of the show Codename: Kids Next Door when it aired on Cartoon Network, and this book reminded me of my love for it.

Our protagonist, Jackson Jones, starts out as the most popular kid at his elementary school. He is a star athlete on the football team, and adored by all of his peers… Or so he thinks. After a trip to the dentist he discovers that he was born with two rows of teeth, and is required to wear a large head brace indefinitely. Overnight he is kicked off the football team for not being able to wear a helmet, and his friends stop talking to him completely. Left alone to his own devices, Jackson begins to uncover some mysteries about his school. He notices that the biggest group of nerds always sneeze at exactly the same time in class and then leave together, disappearing in one of the school’s hallways. Jackson climbs into a locker, and finds himself transported into an underground laboratory, home to the National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society.

Jackson is offered the chance to join NERDS, but can he get along with the same group of people that he once tormented for being nerds?

This book offers a unique perspective in that there are also chapters told from the Hyena’s point of view, these were also my favorite chapters in the book. The Hyena is an assassin for hire, even though she’s eleven years old and has yet to kill anybody. She works for the antagonist of the story, but grows to question his motives as the story continues. I would highly suggest this book for children in grades 2-5.

Alien in My Pocket: Blast Off! Review

BAL Alien Cover

Nate Ball’s Alien In My Pocket: Blast Off! is a lighthearted story about how fourth-grader Zach McGee deals with an alien life form whom crashes it’s spaceship into his room! Luckily for Zach, the invading alien named Amp is only the size of a hamster, and is actually pretty nice once you get to know him. Amp reveals that he is a scout from his home planet, and that his race plans on taking over the Earth! In order to stop them from destroying humanity (or maybe not, since Amp’s weapons tickle more than everything) Zach and his friend Olivia must find a way to send Amp back up into space within 24 hours.

I found this book to be charming and would recommend it for children from grades 1-5 depending on their reading level. (This book has an AR level of 4.5 and a Lexile score of 690.)  I also could see this book being used as a read aloud since the chapters are relatively short and funny. I would suggest this book for fans of science fiction, or for students who enjoyed the My Weird School series by Dan Gutman.