Month: June 2016

Nest Review

I grabbed this book from the shelves because it was newer and I liked the cover art. I didn’t expect to be drawn in to the quiet life of eleven-year-old Naomi “Chirp” Orenstein and the difficulties she faced in 1972 when her mother developed multiple sclerosis.

The writing in the book is wonderful; Chirp’s perspective on life she faces throughout the book seemed so innocent and real compared to the harshness of the situations she faces.┬áThe angry boy who lives next door lives in fear of his father’s wrath, and doesn’t like to go home. Chirp’s mom is dying from her disease and progressively becomes more depressed throughout the book. This book has more than it’s fair share of heartbreaking moments, and I would be hesitant to recommend this book to a child for casual reading. This book would make a great window for children who are dealing with similarly tough situations in their own lives.