The Field Guide – Spiderwick Chronicles

DIT - Spiderwick ChroniclesThe Spiderwick Chronicles have been on shelves since 2003, and here I am picking up the first book thirteen years later! I’ve always been curious about this series, but never had the opportunity to check them out until now.

The story starts off with the Grace family moving into the Spiderwick manor. We have Mom, Mallory, Jared, and Simon. Jared was nearly kicked out from their previous school for causing fights, but avoided expulsion due to the fact his family was moving anyways. Weird things happen in the Spiderwick manor, and due to his unruly behavior Jared is blamed for them. After stumbling upon an old, musty book titled Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You Jared believes the missing items and pranks are the cause of fairies, and is determined to make them stop.

My biggest problem with this book was that it was too short! The authors left off on a cliffhanger so children would quickly pick up the next book, but I’m still not sure why the authors chose to make this a five book series when two books of this length could have easy been put together.


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